GMap, Location Module Basics in Drupal 6

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

This screencast shows you how to use and configure the GMap and Location modules with Drupal 6.

The video show via an example how to add a google map to a node type using the GMap and Location modules.
There is a little bit of coding at the theme layer that show a simple way to draw a google map from inside a theme.
See also the follow up video

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Well, the video is

Well, the video is interesting and clearly explained, very well done indeed.
Nevertheless, I have a problem with the theming of the content type. As suggested in the video, I created a child theme of my default theme (Danland) and it works as it is supposed to do. Then I copied node.tpl.php from Danland to the child theme folder and made a copy of it and renamed after my content type node-where.tpl.php (therefore in the child theme folder are both node.tpl.php and node-where.tpl.php). The problem is that the changes I make in the node-where.tpl.php folder are not reflected in the content of that content type (the 'where' type in my case), not even the simple 'hello world'.
I'm sure I'm missing something but I can't see what it is... Can anybody help me out?
Thanks a lot!

I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your videos and I am sure to be using them. i feel that it is strange that gmaps would require custom coding a theme to be seen on the pages. Is there still no other way to approach this so that updating is not a mess?
Thank you for the amazing videos and advice.

Hi I cannot get this to work

Hi I cannot get this to work without various syntax errors. Would love it to. :)

Can you see anything I am doing wrong here?
This is what I have from the screenshots I did not care about a message on the map. so I left that out.

<?php print $content ?>
$lat=$location [lattitude];
$long=$location [longitude];

print gmap_simple_map($lat, $long, '', 14, 360, 225, true, '');

<?php print_r($location); >

This is the error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '>' in /home/content/01/7110201/html/sites/all/themes/arthemia/node-classified.tpl.php on line 73

You probably solved this by

You probably solved this by now but you left out a semi-colon after $content

Great work. Thanks much.

Great work. Thanks much. Especially helpful with walking through the theme work, which usually intimidates me.

I didn't make a

I didn't make a node-restaurant.tpl.php file sorryyyy!
Works Great! Nice Video.

It works fine, thank you,

It works fine, thank you, except for one thing - the marker displays correctly while editing but after saving, my map has no marker.

i have the same problem. How

i have the same problem. How did you fix it?

Thanks! I found out the first

I found out the first part by myself, but couldn't display a map on the regular view. This video helped me out.

Thanks! Alex





Excellent - but does not

Excellent - but does not solve my problem ... If you have a soln I will be obliged.

I want to use $location[latitude] and $location[longitude] in a computed field on the same node to calculate sunrise. I can accomplish it in the theme as per this video but not in computed field. If you have answer, please mention. Thanks

very good explanation video.

very good explanation video. It's a good start on gmap and location.


EXCELLENT VIDEO! Led me to the right start off path, thank you.

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